Still’s osteopathy – its roots and reason (6)


In the first chapter of Still’s seminal work appears a very short but profound paragraph entitled ‘fascia’. Still’s comment that “the fascia is the ground in which all causes of death do the destruction of life” despite its absolutism sign posts an area of study that is only now being fully explored, so ahead of his time was the founder of his profession.

Fascia is now being hailed as an independent organ, whose complexity and importance to the organism as a whole is unsurpassed.

International Fascia Research Congress defines fascia as the dynamic mesenchymal tissue that unites every cell in the body and allows for fluid and tissue movement. Far from being just a band or sheet of connective tissue beneath the skin that attaches, stabilises, encloses, and separating muscles and other internal organs – fascia is the uniting element that allow the body to work as a whole organism.

This is where Still philosophy maintains it integrity, Still propounds that the body works as a single unit – and if the fascia is the uniting element, then it is fair to propose that it is the ground where all the causes of death do their destructive work, as they would undermine the unity of the whole. It is of course a bit excessive to say disease lives purely in the fascia, however if we see it as poetic licence aimed to inspire researchers and students alike it is truly prophetic.

People interested in further contemplation of the subject I append the fascinating youtube video “Strolling under the skin” for your edification.


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