Knee pain

In Lismore the prevalence of knee pain and injury is significant due to the age of the residents, the large number of people involved in sports and the increasing number of full knee replacements (FKR) being undertaken by the populous.

Laurence Axtens – Osteopath follows up to date practices and procedures in knee assessment and management. Click the above text to see the latest information base.

Correct diagnosis is vital and a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the knee provides clients with appropriate referral, good quality treatment and a doable and fun exercise program. Apart from fulfilling the requirement of the Osteopathic Masters in anatomy and physiology with high distinction, Laurie has also tutored in both these subjects.

Patients are encouraged should they have ever suffered knee pain or are involved in sports that place their knees at risk to read the information at the following link. basic-knee-injury-prevention.

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