Lower back pain

Lower back pain (LBP) is suffered by a large majority of people in our society, and it can and does ruin the quality of their lives. There are a host of pathologies that have been implicated in acute lower back pain; everything from cancer to spinal stenosis, from disc herniation to reactive arthritis. Being able to differentiate between these diagnostically is absolutely imperative for appropriate referral and correct treatment and management. That is where osteopaths, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists working together with radiologists have such a vital role to play.

However lower back pain isn’t just restricted to individuals with identifiable pathologies, in fact a great many cases of lower back pain have no identifiable pathological cause and are referred to as simple mechanical lower back pain. Of all the interventions exercise has the strongest evidence base, and Laurie prescribes exercises and stretches for this condition. That said a great deal of study is going in to the relief of lower back pain, particularly chronic LBP and where more exact identification of the specific somatic dysfunction is possible, adjustment and soft tissue treatments, may well be highly cost effective. Larger studies to prove this are underway.


Laurie encourages clients to read the guidelines for the management of lower back pain and to stay active, stay warm and well hydrated.


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