Ankle and wrist pain

Laurie prides himself on his anatomical knowledge, and in the management of ankle and wrist pain this knowledge is invaluable in the diagnosis, timely referral and appropriate treatment of these joints.

In Lismore and surrounds hosts a strong sporting community, and as such ankle and wrist injuries are common yet strangely few people contemplate how an Osteopath might be able to help management these issues.

The traumatic injury to the wrists and ankles that can happen in football (whatever the code) can cause fractures, ligamentous sprains, muscle strains, nerve impingements and infections in and around the joint. Being able to differentiate between these clinically and refer for appropriate imagery when appropriate is all within the osteopath’s remit. Good quality management of wrist and ankle injuries requires the correct diagnosis.

Once significant pathologies have been eliminated from the diagnosis of wrist and ankle pain, Laurie itemises the muscular guarding and range of motion limitations and addresses these directly. See modalities and techniques for treatment details. Treatment is always followed by home treatment, exercise and stretch prescriptions.

It you are interested in a thorough break down of the present science regarding ankle assessment and treatment please have a look at the clinic key recommended by Osteopathy Australia. (!/content/medical_topic/21-s2.0-1014958?scrollTo=%23refInSitu20090)

myofascial 2 low res

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