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After a full year’s cleaning and reconstruction Slater St clinic has reopen. 

Laurie works from his home clinic at 6 Slater St North Lismore from Wednesday to Friday afternoons. The quiet air conditioned clinic is near the Show Ground and provides a laid back country atmosphere and a friendly base for a highly trained and unique therapist.

Laurie is a medicare registered osteopath and primary health care provider skilled in the neuromuscular rehabilitation for the reduction and relief of pain and immobility.

Laurie has more than 25 years experience in body work include a Masters in Osteopathy and Diplomas is Remedial Massage and Ayurvedic Medicine.; as well as training in dry needling and cupping. 

His long years of study and practice has provided him with a very wide range of techniques for the management of pain and mobility throughout the body.

Although the majority of clients present with lower back pain, Laurie has had a good deal of success treating neck pain, shoulder, knee, ankle and elbow injuries. 

Virtually every physiological function may be improved by manual treatment, from vision impairment to an acute torticollis , from asthma to lower back pain. Every bodily function relies on the underlying function of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Every structure moves and the quality of that movement is fundamental to its function. By retraining and encouraging movement and by physically moving tissues that have reduced mobility, and by strengthening hypotonic tissues we may significantly affect the function of those tissues.

Laurie services the Lismore hinterland and will travel to you if necessary.

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