Neck pain

Neck pain, headaches and radiating pain in the arms requires a thorough history and clinical examination, and Laurie enjoys these aspects of his practice. A good quality history allows the client time to explain their complaint in detail. Laurie has also tutored in clinic assessment and his knowledge of clinical, neurological, orthopaedic testing is of a university standard.

Diagnosis may also require referral for imaging and Laurie likes to work with general practitioners to ensure that these test are thorough and affordable for the patient.

Neck pain can be divided into primarily musculoskeletal causes, neurological causes, and combination neurological-musculoskeletal. Differentiating between the primary cause of the complaint requires experience and a good knowledge of the structures involved. Laurie has been working on bodies for 20 years and his knowledge allowed him to graduate as the graduate of the year.

If you would like to look at the complexity involved in neck assessment and management  please follow the link. clinicalkey to neck and arm pain


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